Fundraising Opportunities 

The troop provides fundraising opportunities to the scouts to help pay for their dues and other expenses related to scouting. These include but are not limited to:
  • Popcorn Sales - September - November.  All net proceeds go the individual scout's account

  • Christmas Tree Recycling Service Project - Discontinued 

  • Holiday Greens - September - November.  All net proceeds go to the individual scout's account. (Needs an adult coordinator)

  • Camp Cards/Scout Show Tickets - March - April.  Net proceeds go to the individual scout's account. 

    In addition to buying entry into the Scout Show, there are a number of additional discounts from a variety of vendors. 
    Selling outside a card sponsors store, like Safeway the day before major holidays, i.e. mothers day, can really drive up sales. Typically there is a $5 off $50 coupon, so if people are spending $50 or more, they immediately recoup the $5 cost of the camp card. Profits are typically ~$2/card

  • King Soopers Grocery Gift Card Sales - Ongoing.  5% of all funds recharged to a gift card comes back into the scout's account. Remember to use your cards to buy gas as well as groceries.
    Multiple cards can be tied to a single scout account. Consider setting up both parents, grandparents, and siblings with KS cards.

  • SCRIP Sales - Discontinued
Parents or scouts may suggest and conduct other fundraisers with Troop approval. The Troop Committee decides how to divide the funds between the troop and the scouts. The treasurer will credit each boy's account with all the funds raised according to the distribution established by the Troop Committee and the Boy Scout Council.
Troop 456 is a Non-profit organization, and for tax reasons, the treasurer cannot distribute any money from fundraising activities directly to the scouts.

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